Webinar - A Month into the Digital Pivot 

What can be learnt from those that ran a virtual event?

The good and the bad of running a virtual event, from those that went to market first.

In this session, we had three guests who have run very recent virtual events and very successfully. We heard three case studies from:

White October Events and their LeadDev Live event

White October Events run a really cool community for Lead Developers. It's a fresh and forward thinking event business and They run very successful live events in London, New York, San Francisco and Berlin.

Their events range between 600-1,500 attendees and the moment they decided to pivot their NY LeadDev Live event to virtual they received over 12,000 registrations. 

Flume Sales Training and their "Selling in a Crisis" Webinar Series

The crew at Flume did not have any virtual offering pre-COVID19. But the circumstances led them to pivot and create a virtual webinar series, including free sessions as well as paid for workshops, to stay top of mind and support their audience with value add content.

Their webinar sessions received unprecedented results with over 2,000 sign ups.

Collingwood Advisory and various cases using their Digital Pivot framework/thinking process

The team from Collingwood Advisory work with forward thinking leaders in events, media and subscription services companies. They are probably one of the most reputable and knowledgeable advisory service for our industry. They have developed a framework around Mitigation - Habituation and Acceleration to help leaders navigate and understand what their digital pivot looks like.

When you look at the common traits of successful companies that have pivoted successfully there are clear similarities with Collingwood's process. 

We covered the following aspects:

  • Assessment: How they approached their virtual event
  • Solutions: Value Proposition, product they ended up with
  • Tech: What tool they used
  • Results: Of course we want to know how it went, the good and the not so good.
  • New Biz Attack Plan: What was the resulting business attack plan
How did they get there, how did they approach this event and more importantly what does this mean to their value proposition with digital moving forward?


Highly relevant content for senior management as well as marketing and sales. Be sure to sign up so you can watch the session after.