Save me a seat…

We've been in the events game a long time, so we know that sometimes your finance guys and administrators don't always see the urgency to finalise booking the way you do. Even though the workshops are strictly limited to 10 places each.

That's why we included a "hold a place" feature for the Accelerator Labs. We'll tentatively book you a seat whilst you dot the i's and cross the t's*, then, when you're all paid up, we'll move you to the confirmed list.

*The only caveat is that when we run out of tickets, we'll have to ask you to commit within a reasonable timeframe. It's only fair to the people who'll be queuing eagerly behind you on the waiting list.

So go ahead and hold that place!

Hold my place!

Don’t worry, this won’t open the floodgates to hundreds of salesy event emails, we only keep you in the loop now and then with more articles we think you’d like. 

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