Webinar - How to build an online community from scratch on LinkedIn

In this webinar we bring a couple of case studies from companies that have built their online communities from scratch on LinkedIn.

Regan George from the Social Effect has been building online communities from scratch from a while back. He will be sharing with us the tips, tools and tactics that make a successful online community on LinkedIn.

Some have been arguing that LinkedIn groups are no longer what they used to be (including myself at some point) but these case studies will prove me and many wrong and demonstrate that this platform is still very strong when it comes to community build.

In this session, we covered the topics of:

  • Where to start with your community
  • Do you need to have a group or not?
  • How much do you expect your audience to engage by themselves and how much you need to stimulate
  • How long would it take you to build enough momentum with your community
  • Ultimately how do you mobilise your community to take action and buy your products

At these times B2B organisations that are not investing in their communities have already lost. 

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