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Reinvigorate your event email marketing approach

B2B event companies rely heavily on email marketing to drive engagement. For B2B event companies this is their lifeblood, event email marketing is absolutely critical to the success or failure of a conference.

These are two powerful packages to boost your tactics

Spicing Up My Event Email Marketing 

  • 5 Top of the Funnel emails promoting your event using our own benchmarking tactics
  • 2 Middle of the Funnel emails which will be used as follow-ups to those that have "raised their hand" and demonstrated an interest in what you have to say
  • 1 Landing Page and Datacollection form
  • Reporting on results

Great for:

  • Sponsorship and exhibition-driven campaigns
  • Companies open and willing to try a different approach to their existing practices with 1 event in their portfolio
  • Organisations that want to test their existing practices against a new approach
  • Marketing departments driving an event with multiple segments and not enough "hands" on deck to drive and manage all the campaigns

Event Email Marketing Monthly Service

  • 2 Top of the Funnel emails per month
  • 2 Middle of the Funnel emails per quarter
  • 1 Offer per quarter - Design & implementation per quarter
  • 2 Calls to Action - Design per month
  • 1 Landing page - Design & implementation per quarter

Great for:

  • Organisations with more than one event in their portfolio
  • Large scale events with a marketing cycle of more than12 weeks

Find out how much it costs and how we will approach it


By the way, lead generation is at the heart of what we do. All campaigns will have a specific set of goals that we will measure through out the process and report on the results. That's how we do it differently.