Webinar - Hot Secrets to Accelerate and Automate Your Event Sales Process


The best sales people in events are not the ones that make the most number of calls, but the ones that use technology and data to their advantage.

Watch webinar session to learn about the top tools and tactics that you and your sales team should be using to increase productivity, gain more data insight and better results. Spend more time engaging with potential clients, building relationships and converting leads instead of wasting time on admin.

Attend this webinar and leave with top sales secrets, including:

  1. 8 tools and tricks that you can start using immediately in your event sales process
  2. How automation and bots can help tremendously with your event sales process
  3. How you can focus your time and effort on only prospects that are interested in what you have to say - truly qualified leads. Gone are the days of cold calling (it still exists can you believe!)
  4. The tools we talk about are free to use and available to everyone