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2:38   What is the current environment at the event industry
4:08   What can companies do about it?
6:18   Which are the stages event leaders should be going throughout?
7:06   What is the mitigation stage and how to approach it?
9:10   What is the key element of mitigation?
10:12 The available inventory at the mitigation stage
18:17 Is possible to pivot to digital within 4 weeks?
21:20 What is  the habituation stage and how does it work?
23:20 What are the challenges of the habituation stage?
26:20 What about event profs who have not yet went virtual?
28:40 An approach for delegate revenues in virtual events
33:38 Should event leaders worry too much about delegate revenues?
38:08 What is the acceleration stage and how to go about it?
42:20 Questions:
42:30 What is the outlook for in-person events ?
44:00 What are the new vs making goods for revenue already retained and how are the sponsorship and attendance relative to physical events?
46:48 What are the key changes for a B2C environment ?
48:55 Outside webinars what other things can be done?


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This is the second webinar in the series. What can be learned from those that ran a virtual event?
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