Online Community Stories:


Building a community with real attitude and huge vision 

InspiredMinds is the world’s largest and most active AI community of over 200,000 in 160+ countries. They boast 20 years of experience in technology and large scale festival style summits. Their “why” is to ensure that emerging technology is inclusive, equitable and safe.

We cover so much in this session, including: 

  • How it all began - selling up to start a community that you passionately cared for
  • Successfully growing a community from 500 to 200,000 members 
  • A reciprocal system: Using AI algorithms to match your community around common interests
  • Why you should hire a data scientist in your business
  • The importance of building inclusive communities and events with a voice for all 
  • The role of a community leader in Social Media, why community leaders need to be influencers in their own right
  • The core values and inspiration behind the community - and why communities should have a bigger purpose 
  • Building philanthropic and social values into your business model 
  • And why exactly Sarah has received death threats as a result of her vision?

Watch the full recording here and you won't be disappointed at all!