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Building communities, rethinking B2B experiences for the post-pandemic era and more

Online Community Stories
Inspirational interviews with leading B2B organisations building communities on the back of the events they organise, physically and digitally.

Influence Group is a company I have admired for many years now - for their vision, philosophy and fresh approach to events. Their events are really slick and fun.

Behind this cutting-edge business is Michael Owens one of its cofounders. He truly is a forward thinking, inspiring eventrepreneur and as long as I've known him he's always testing out new ways to add value to his audience, his partners and his loyal community.

In this live conversation with Michael, we explored:

  • Experimenting - staying on top of tech and developments during the pandemic
  • Getting closer to your audience
  • Buyer personas - How critical this is and how it has shaped Influence Group's pivot plans
  • Influence Group's version of pivot 
  • Differentiating in a crowded marketplace
  • The one-2-one meeting model in a virtual environment 
  • How Influence Group is staying on top of their game

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