Diving into the DNA of successful
B2B Online communities

Online communities are one of the most efficient ways to drive value, engagement, brand awareness and recognition for B2B brands, but there is a huge misconception amongst some B2B leaders launching communities ... that launching an online community is all about repurposing relevant content in a gated environment and as long as the technology is there the community will grow itself into this self sustaining entity geared to deliver beautiful results.

In this session Ashley Friedlein, probably one of the most knowledgeable figures on the topic of B2B communities will be sharing key insights on community management. Ashley has built one of the most successful community for the marketing industry and now Guild is fast becoming a name in the business messaging and community apps world. So if there's anyone that can guide you on your community journey it's most certainly Ashley. 

In this session we dived into: 

  1. Community Based Marketing in the new world of marketing
  2. What makes a thriving and successful B2B community
  3. Best practices to drive community engagement
  4. Key trends in B2B Communities and Messaging Apps
  5. The dos and donts of community management
  6. CBM for top of funnel vs bottom of the funnel
  7. Gating or not gating content
  8. Plus questions you bring along to the live discussion
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