Episodic Marketing - How to build a binge-worthy show for your brand

Did you ever wonder how brands keep their audiences coming back and cut through the noise?

A trend seems to be emerging around virtual events... audiences seem to respond and engage better when events look more like TV. Seems obvious right? 

B2B brands are running their own versions of "shows", podcast series, webinar series in a different style (like ours) etc. The name for this is now being called "Episodic Marketing".

While it's not new, it is quite a new thing for our industry - and of course new initiatives that help grow sales and thought leadership is something we all need to be keeping an eye on!

You might have guessed that it's all about creating a series of podcasts, webinars, interviews, videos etc. Some companies are doing it very well and are gaining great results.

There's a fantastic book called "Original Series" about the simple and achievable methodology and Kareem Mostafa, CEO of Tribetactics, wrote THAT book, devised THAT plan and has done this successfully many times.

If you like me want to learn more about how brands keep their audiences coming back and how to build binge-worthy videos for virtual events then definitely make sure to sign up so you can watch the session after!