Successful Digital Pivot Stories - Why you should build your own studio

A glimpse into the future of conferences and events industry

Setting yourself apart from your competition, raising the bar when delivering a virtual event and truly showing that your brand and business delivers quality programmes and experiences. TV like scenarios and engaging experiences is where the future lies.

Everybody seems to be running webinars and many are creating podcasts too - and many are bringing a physical event into a virtual one (we have seen this might not be the way forward for all).

But not many have tried to build their own studio and experiment with a non-conventional format to deliver an event experience.

For Adam Barber the Managing Director, Tamarindo Group, their version of virtual meant that they wanted to build their own studio.

In this conversation with Adam we discussed:

  • What are the key pillars for success when going this far to deliver your virtual event?
  • How long does it take to build a project like this?
  • What are the benefits that Tamarindo Group have realised with this approach?
  • What's the good? What's the ugly?
  • How to prevent mistakes for subsequent events
  • How sustainable is this financially?
  • What is the feedback from the audience and from your sponsors?
  • Should sponsors and delegates pay a premium for a delivery like this?
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