It is not about virtual events, although it is part of it; it is not about giving your postponed event clients and audiences free inventory and content, although you should. 

The "Digital Pivot" for B2B Events is a real and very serious discussion about the business model pivot to deliver the QUALITY and VALUE your audiences and clients expect and need, online, distributed across time and formats.

In the current climate, no one really knows when this situation will come to an end and how it will look like when it happens. Event leaders should not presume that once lockdowns in different parts of the world are lifted, people will attend and perceive events in the same way they used to.

Leaders today are being forced to think differently about how they help their audiences, beyond the "4 walls" of physical events. Their business models are being challenged and leaving them with more questions than answers.

Julian Graves and the team at Collingwood Advisory have been working with media, events, subscriptions and data entrepreneurs on strategy, scaleup, value creation and exit planning since 2006. They see the transition for B2B organisations in events in three stages:

Mitigation - Habituation - Acceleration

As we will come to find there are a host of approaches and models companies can explore. Now to have an understanding of what each of these stages mean for you and your business, you will have to join the session and come prepared with loads of questions.

Julian-Graves-Collingwood-AdvisoryJulian Graves, Chairman and Director of Scaleup Advisory for Collingwood Advisory has worked across a wide variety of industry sectors and in a number of capacities, from content to marketing and business leadership.

With a deep understanding of data, customer insight and relationship management, he has harnessed the power of brands to create and manage highly successful and sustainable businesses with turnover in excess of £30m and teams of 70+.

He has sold, acquired and restructured assets and businesses to maximise growth potential; and conceptualised, developed and installed new business IT systems and processes and extended traditional bricks and mortar enterprises into the digital world.

Get ready to be inspired and challenged in your current way of thinking. Be sure to sign up so you can watch the session after.

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