Online Community Stories:


The journey from a community of 650,000 to an intimate community of 100

BIP100 is a thriving, intimate community limited to 100 hand-picked business owners all focused on growth, friendship and innovation. 

The founders Thomas and Penny aren’t new to community building - they have quite the track record and were early adopters of the digital age. They founded Ecademy, probably one of the first communities for business professionals, connecting 650k members and since have built and sold 3 businesses as well as published 9 books between them.

We’re so delighted to have Thomas and Penny as part of this online community series. In this exciting conversation we’ll be chatting about this and more:

  • What has been the evolution of community building over the last 20 years
  • Lessons learnt from building one of the biggest B2B communities in the early years
  • Micro-communities the new trend and scale
  • What comes with building such an intimate membership community - the benefits
  • The key pillars of building a focused community - how priorities shifted, what becomes more important (content/product offering, services, 121’s?)
  • The importance of building and leveraging your network
  • Being the face behind the community - how do you balance control and delegation 
  • Onboarding your community members?

Watch the recording here and you will not be dissapointed.