Bringing Your Community Alive Through Virtual 


Communities really come alive when they are interacting and engaging in a live environment.

How to do that?

Content - Community - Connection

Sasha Frieze is a heavy-weight, highly respected events professional, with a career spanning over 20 years, producing 1000s of events and now dozens of high quality virtual events.

In this conversation with Sasha we delved into how organisations will be able to bring their community alive though a live, hybrid or virtual environment. We will specifically explore:

  • How to build upon the existing engagement from your community
  • How to create an environment for engagement with chats, spaces, platforms and scripts
  • Making it easy to engender debate
  • Tips on how best to coach and onboard sponsors
  • How to give your sponsors what they really want
  • Why you should not call your expo area and "Expo"
  • How to really give your community members an amazing experience
  • And how to get all the production pieces right to deliver a great community experience

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