Deciding whether or not to build a B2B online community around your event or events, to us, is a no brainer. The benefits are vast, the opportunities for growth broad and varied, and the chances of it being a success are high. Despite the many positive outcomes of building a community, time and time again our clients ask us:

RealisingROIfromyourB2BOnlineCommunity.jpg“But where is the ROI?
How can we really prove that it benefits us in a business sense?
How can I justify the investment of resources?”

That’s where we come in. This ebook demystifies the seemingly irresistible benefits of starting a community, and makes the case for doing so with hard facts and irrefutable figures. We give you the business case for creating an online community, and the building blocks you need to get started. We’re certain that once you know the reasoning behind building a community, you’ll want to get cracking right away.


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